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Core Team

Robert Sobieski

Founder, CEO

Rob bought his first crypto in 2016 which led to a deep dive into researching the technology, use cases, development and management of crypto projects. He is an entrepreneur with experience leading several startups. Achieving a Master's in Marketing; his background is in IT consulting, cyber-security, gaming, and social media marketing.

Peter Aegix

Co-Founder, CTO

Peter has been a crypto-enthusiast and supporter for a few years. With a passion for coding and game design, his technical skills include: Assembler, .Net, PHP, SQL Server, Unreal Engine and Java/script. Currently, he is mainly concerned with honing his Solidity skills...

Clare Taylor

Chief of Staff

With an unshakeable commitment to Quality Assurance, Clare has a keen eye for making sure everything meets the highest standards. She brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of quality and safety in a varied career in the public sector.

Austin Burch

Head of Operations

Experienced operations leader, currently disrupting the Healthcare space as Head of Client Operations at Papa, a Miami-based Elder Tech startup. Recipient of Florida State University’s 30 under 30. Post Grad certifications from Wharton and Stanford. Austin is dedicated to giving back to his community, currently mentoring FSU students and coordinating the 2022 Special Olympics.

Victor Manrique

Head of Strategy

Experienced Go-to-Market Operations leader, Victor has led project management efforts in various technology industries, such as IT services, cybersecurity, and data analytics organizations. He has developed and implemented go-to-market strategies for 10+ brands and companies as a principal partner with SuperB Strategy Consulting firm.

Ammar Ali

Head of Partnerships

A specialist in customer satisfaction, comprehensive team building, customized business development, and tactical marketing optimization. 5+ years' experience expanding social media presence for a variety of startup & established organizations.

Casey C. Barr

Data Science Lead

Casey's interests and skills lie with mathematical computing, computer graphics, and digital artwork. He brings his multiple years' experience working directly with Fortune Global 500 C-level to optimize machine learning solutions.

Adam McGyver

Head of Public Relations

A crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur and working professional. Adam holds a BA in economics and professional designations in international trade and finance. Over 15 years experience working with private and public sector clients supporting them with business development activities.


Alin Popa

Technical Consultant

Senior full-stack software engineer, researcher, and blockchain developer, with many years of experience in professional development. Actively pursuing side career in casual beer tasting.

Krys Hasher

PR & Marketing Consultant

With a long and varied career, ranging from retail to corporate, Krys has much experience creating long lasting business relationships. She is an expert at maintaining good relations and maintaining open communication between parties.

Ty Buttrey

Marketing & Media Consultant

Ty is a current MLB player with the Los Angeles Angels. Ty has spent the last year and a half learning and dedicating his time to Web3 while immersing himself into the NFT space. Ty only gets involved on projects that he feels have real utility and check off the box of what a blue chip project means.

Sharmini Christie

Financial Consultant

Sharmini is a 1st class honours graduate with strong career background within both the private and public sector. She excelled within her finance career at a hedge fund in the City of London, but chose to transition into the public sector to apply her insight and knowledge to delivering on more socially conscious projects.

Budhaditya Dutta

Technical Advisor

Budhaditya's professional background is in business intelligence and SQL database development. For over 10 years has worked as a full-stack developer for one of the biggest tech companies in India. An avid crypto supporter and investor, he is currently honing his skills as a Blockchain (Solidity) developer.

Juan Barona


Juan Barona is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rogue, a mobile NFT Platform catered to the masses.

James Shockley

Digital Marketing Adviser

James has been in digital marketing for over 8 years. He has worked with brands from Hard Rock Cafe, Skechers, IHOP, Maserati, and more throughout his career.


Web3/NFT Advisor

Pushing web3 forward. Staying SICK, and building cool sh*t.



Cryptagion is a play-to-earn NFT Trading Card, Gaming Ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethogens (Ethereum-based Pathogen) are the foundational NFT entity of Cryptagion. They are used for playing games, collecting, trading, entering contests and other uses not yet discovered.

SICK is the ERC20 token used as the native currency in the Cryptagion Ecosystem.

There are six classes of Ethogens: Bacteria, Virus, Parasite, Fungus, Cybernetic, Aetheral
There are also 4 basic stats: Infection Rate, Mortality, Resistance, Stealth

Many exciting things! Have a look at our Timeline

The Cryogenic Lab for SICK Staking will be ready in April 2022.

The 'Get Packs Page' and wherever NFTs on Ethereum are traded. e.g. Opensea

Incubation is a kind of pseudo-staking, where the Ethogen gains XP while being in an incubator. This increases its Mod Stats, making it more effective in games and simulations.

There are several PvE and PvP simulations and games being developed by our team. We also plan to incentivize external developers building games and experiences inside the Cryptagion ecosystem and using our NFTs and/or SICK.

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